Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Delivery...

Friday night, my mom asks if I am nervous/ scared about the induction. I tell her that I was really hoping to experience labor (a comment I later regretted!) and be able to do it sans the pitocin this time around. That night my dad prayed for a natural birth vs. having to be induced.

Saturday I woke up and took care of the kids- made bacon and eggs, etc. I started having contractions around 7:30 am, but nothing serious. Bacon is priority. At this point, contractions were 7-8 minutes apart but not bad. I had time. My dad wanted to go to the mall. Not a problem. I had time. So, off we went to the mall (I drove... all the while timing my contractions on my iPhone). We went to the Apple Store and while chatting with the salesman about a computer, the contractions started picking up a little and were now 5 minutes apart. I made a mental note to call my doctor sometime in the near future. I had time. At some point, the salesman told me my stopwatch was making him nervous. I assured him that I was fine, and if anything, there were enough computers that he could google "how to deliver a baby" and take care of it. He didn't seem comforted by that. Left the store- went to Eddie Bauer (it was too tough to walk by the store and not walk in- it has a vacuum effect on me), tried on some things, then got home around 11:15. I called my doctor and she told me to come in when I couldn't take it any longer. The contractions were getting stronger- I could take it, but didn't want my parents or kids to see me writhe in pain so I essentially kicked them out and sent them to Chesterfield. I decided to take shower and then reconsidered. Packed some last minute things and told Dave that we should probably head to the hospital soon. Standing by the steps around noon, waiting for Dave to finish packing a lunch for himself, my water broke. Now I was in for the fun part. And I was out of time. Dave drove like a mad man (after making sure his lunch was complete with a drink) to the hospital and I am nervously awaiting all the tickets that will come in the mail from the cameras. I was yelling apologies to people in between contractions. If we have more kids, I shall leave a banner in the car that says, "Pardon my driving. My wife is having a baby NOW!"

Checked into the hospital at 12:20. The lady at the Evaluation Unit smiles at me as I am hunched over in agony and says,"What brings you in today?" What?? Are you kidding me? I was somewhat rude to her. After inquiring about my height, weight, number of previous births, and a number of other questions I have no idea how I answered, she hands me a cup and asks for a urine sample. Somehow the fact that my water has broken, my contractions are so intense that I am sobbing from the pain, and that I am hemorrhaging seems to mean little to anyone there. Yes, I know they have seen it all, but seriously?? I sit on the toilet and just sob realizing that no one understands that this baby is coming now and pray that he doesn't end up in the toilet. At least there is a "pull for help" cord, which I use. The nurse seems annoyed when I tell her I can't pee and my baby is coming now.

I get on a table and am checked. 6 cm. "I want the drugs" I insist. And I want them NOW! I hear her get on the phone and tell someone, "Whenever you get the chance, can you run some stedol up here?" Lady, you misunderstood. It isn't "whenever you get a chance", it is ASAP! What is wrong with everyone? I ask again for the epidural and the contractions are so bad at this point, I can feel the pressure just about everywhere. My doctor checks a few minutes later, and... 9 cm. I immediate start to panic realizing at this point that there will be no relief for my pain, and that this baby is coming, without any meds. Crap. My doctor apologizes for not having me come in sooner, and for not being able to help with the pain. Easy for her to say. She isn't the one about to push a baby out.

I am wheeled quickly into the L&D unit and again, the same lady is now asking more ridiculous questions. I don't even know what she was asking, and frankly didn't care. There was too much going on. Once things are set up, I am checked again and told that he is right there and that I can push on the next contraction. Oh boy. Fun times. I tell myself that no matter what, he is coming, so I may as well give it all I've got, and get this kid out. Two pushes and Silas Alexander entered the world.

The Due Date...

Well the 30th came and went, and my doctor talked about inducing. The date was set for October 4. With Ella, my water broke and I was started on pitocin. With Hanna, I was induced, and again, got the pitocin. I was disappointed that I wouldn't (yet again) know what labor was like. I didn't want to be hooked up to an IV and confined to bed. From the first pregnancy, I had the image of bouncing (or rocking I suppose) on a birthing ball, taking a shower, walking around, etc... and that never happened. Desperate times called for desperate measures at this point!

The Beginning...

Silas' due date was September 30. Actually, it was the 28th but at some point I started telling people "the end of September" knowing that babies never really come on their due date. My first, Ella, was 10 days early, my second, Hanna was a week late and who knows when she would have come if we hadn't gone in and forced her out! Anyhow, doesn't get more "end of the month" than the 30th... count 40 weeks back, and well, it ends up being right around New Year's... oddly enough, two of my close friends were due at the same time as us... guess we all celebrated the same way:).