Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mid-Life Crisis

Looking back on the past few months, it would (mildly) appear that I am going through somewhat of a mid-life crisis. I got a tattoo on my shoulder blade on a whim (I think I just heard my parents gasp... actually I can picture my dad, at his computer, reading this, shaking his head and sighing... much like he did when he found out that I was piercing my nose... hey, but that was for cultural reasons:) ), dyed my hair red, and bought a pair of Dr. Marten boots that I haven't had a desire to wear since high school. Now, the tattoo is there to stay. Inkers remorse or not, it ain't going anywhere- and it is kinda cute. It's a somewhat abstract version of a dandelion but Hanna immediately knew what it was, so I guess it's not as abstract as I think it is. She is my go-to girl for all of these difficult questions ("Hanna, which shoes do you prefer?"... of course she is the girl who would sport the red shirt with a blue skirt, green socks, and purple shoes and think nothing of it... hmmm, perhaps I should start getting second opinions...). Now the red hair dye didn't come out as planned. I toiled over which shade to get even though in the back of my head I knew that nothing would look like it did on the box since my hair is so dark to begin with. My hair has no hint of red whatsoever, unless I am in direct sunlight, at which point it looks like a deep red beanie on my head. The Dr. Martens are totally adorable, except I look like a really old Avril LeVigne wanna-be, and not as cute. I haven't had the courage to sport them yet, but in my head, they look amazing and I am intent on bringing back the punk meets posh look... wait, was that ever a look? Hmmm, that may explain the stares when I was in school... but all in all, this is a pretty cheap mid-life crisis... some people buy new cars, go crazy, change careers, etc... me? Mine is hardly noticeable and so far, it hasn't cost much. Perhaps this is just the pre-crisis. I am somewhat on the young end of the mid-life crisis average, so there is still time yet to add to the drama. Oh wait, I've got three kids, a dog, a puppy, a spouse, and an old house... who has time for drama? On most days, I'm really just too exhausted to have a real mid-life crisis, and on the days I am not, I'm busy looking for ways to wear Dr. Marten's without looking like a fifteen-year old goth chic. So perhaps the crisis will have wait till more time comes along which will be... ??

Time, Oh Time, Where Art Thou?

Last week, I stood in front of my classroom door clicking the "unlock" button on my car remote. I was confused for way too long before realizing my error. Of course, then I had to head back out to the parking lot to make sure my car was indeed locked with the sliding door closed. I've been known to lock the car with the sliding door open - luckily even in my "transitional" neighborhood, neighbors have rung the doorbell to tell me that the van door is open... again. Sigh. This morning I called to cancel a doctor's appointment scheduled for today, only it turns out it wasn't today, it is next week. I also showed up a week early for a meeting with my Head of School. Clearly I am having a tough time adjusting to the "back -to -school" life I was free of over the summer. It seems like so long ago, and yet, I almost feel like I have more "me" time now that school is in session (note that my last blog entry was in May!). Summer flew by but it was nice- for once I felt like the kids did a fairly good job of entertaining each other with minor disagreement, which was great considering the heat. As claustrophobic as our house seems with everyone and the plethora of stuff that ends up everywhere, there weren't a lot of places to go and run around and not risk a heat stroke. I braved taking the kids to Creve Ceour Lake on my own one day- we hiked up a waterfall and once at the top, I realized that Silas wouldn't be able to get down the hill on his own. So I picked him up and began the descent when Hanna saw a tiny, tiny, spider and began screaming hysterically and crying. I could see the older couple (either they never had kids or they didn't remember the days of having younger kids) at the bottom of the hill judging my decision to allow my kids up the hill; in retrospect, rightfully so. They also seemed annoyed that Hanna's dramatic rendition of Little Miss Muffet was ruining their peaceful moment with nature. Whatever. Ella, in the meantime, continues to climb up the hill convinced that she was born to be a rock-climber. I hold Silas, trying to keep my footing, while calmly telling Hanna that I've "taken care" of the spider, though honestly, I never saw it. I realize that this will add to the "lie-count" I've racked up since becoming a parent. "Yes, honey, that is the best picture I've ever seen." She begins to slip and refuses to move unless I hold her hand. I wonder why neither one of the couple, who are still witnessing this whole event, come to my aid. Clearly I have overestimated my super-mom abilities and am in a bind. But no one is coming to my aid, and heaven knows where Ella is. So, Silas on hip, Hanna in hand, I inch my way down, sliding down at points. Ella joins us when we are at the bottom claiming that "that was the best climb ever!"Um, okay. However, indoors or outdoors, three kids is still a lot (if you have two, stop now, if you have more than three, you are nuts... but I secretly envy you since I have always wanted a big family...) and as if that wasn't enough... we decided to throw a puppy into the mix. So, now we have Jack. He is an 11- week old Border Collie/ Blue Heeler mix- both high energy and both herding dogs. I have plans to train Jack to herd the kids before bed- time and nip their heels all the way into their beds. But for now, we are working on the basics, like not to run Silas over (I really think he considers Silas his litter-mate, which as you can imagine, Silas is not thrilled about) and nip at fingers and toes. I can't wait for jeans and boots weather. The other day Ella came down in a skirt with a large hole in the back- courtesy of Jack. We've had to pull out the mini steam-cleaner many, many times, and that's only for the accidents that happen on the carpet that we actually see. Jack is almost like one of those Baby Alive dolls that have a hole in the mouth and then one on the other end- whatever goes in almost instantly comes out, which should make it more predictable, but of course we haven't seemed to pick up on that yet. Paper towel usage has skyrocketed in our house, and honestly, we should be composting it, (along with the leftover food, liquids, etc...yes, I've got the "green guilt" thing going on). Jack likes to chew on everything other than his own toys and this morning he was up at 4:45 am to go outside (the frustrating part of it is that after I dragged myself out of bed and took him out, he didn't even go! Manipulative little mutt!). I am pretty sure that Jack was Dave's solution to me wanting a fourth child and he knows that when Jack is gone in 15 years, I'll be way past the age of asking for another child. And it may just work. I guess we'll have to wait for the blog in fifteen years to see where I am with that :).