Sunday, November 28, 2010

Diminishing returns... fact or fiction?

At this moment, I believe Dave just might be an angel. He took the girls out so I could have 45 minutes of peace and quiet. It's funny how being left alone with a newborn is considered peace and quiet. I guess its all relative. Silas will make these squirrel type noises and if feed or rocked before it escalates into cat shrieks, he is normally quiet. The girls, on the other hand, are going on day #3 of being at home and even though they've haven't been couped up (necessarily), they are definitely showing signs of cabin fever, especially Hanna. So, off they went to Dunkin' Donuts and they'll return with a large box of mini-saturated fat balls for me, and ring-shaped saturated fats for the rest. Yum. Of course I will completely overeat, more so than I already have been, and will feel completely disgusted with myself by the end of the day. Yet, knowing this, I'll still consume them as if the point of diminishing returns doesn't exist. There was a movie that came out years ago called "Seven"- I don't remember too much about it other than it followed seven people who died of one of the seven deadly sins... gluttony hit the closest to home for me (I guess compared to all the others, that one seems the least sinful, again, its all relative). There was a large man sitting in his kitchen eating and he was so large that he couldn't fit through the door frame. I've seen stories of people like this on TLC. They must have started somewhere and at some point decided it didn't matter anymore- if they were going to be big, they may as well just go with it. Of course, I guess genetics and medical conditions play into it for some, but there are also stories of people who have lost over 200 lbs by changing their diet and lifestyle. That seems to be the key, and yet, with much less than that to lose, I can't change my diet or lifestyle. Again, I will play the "nursing card". Nursing moms need those extra calories (though I am sure they shouldn't ALL come from Munchkins...) and carrying a growth around all day on you has to count as aerobic exercise. Holding the growth while nursing should count as toning. Therefore, I feel like I get more exercise that I did before having a baby. Excellent. Time to consume some of those extra calories.

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