Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday

OK, I'll admit it. I played the "nursing" card this morning. I browsed through the Black Friday ads and decided that most stores opened way to early for my sleep-deprived self to get out of bed at 5 am. Sooooo, I sent Dave out at 5 am to Black Friday shop for me. I painted a miserable picture: I leave at 4:45 am and the baby screams till 6:30 when I get back because he may have hit a growth spurt and be hungry all the time. Since I haven't pumped anything to store for such emergency outings, there is no back-up and he'd have to listen to Silas scream for an hour and forty-five minutes. Not exactly a fun way to spend the morning. On the other hand, some places were offering breakfast to early comers! So, not only would he be out ALONE without any kids, but he'd get breakfast and coffee as well. Everyone wins (especially me, I get to stay in my warm toasty bed)! And man, was it cold this morning. I did feel guilty watching him bundle up in his sweater and coat, but managed to return promptly to sleep once he left. One Thanksgiving, my mom, my sister, and I, decided to see what the Black Friday hype was all about. We woke up at 4:15, drove to Kohl's and witnessed a bunch of crazy people buying a bunch of things that weren't really good deals because Kohl's inflates prices to begin with (does anyone pay full price there? Ever?) and that they most likely didn't need in the first place, but just bought because it was a deal. OK, so that was us, but it really was anti-climactic. And to add to it, we were exhausted for the rest of the day. So, my plan for this year was better. I've begun to formulate a plan to convince Dave into making his Black Friday run an annual tradition. Sadly, the place I sent him to, at 5 am, had no Black Friday rush whatsoever. The place was empty and really, there was no reason he couldn't have gone say at... 10 pm because really, everyone who is into Black Friday shopping was out getting better Black Friday deals somewhere else. Oh well. I am only human. And I do make mistakes. But hey, at least he got to spend the rest of the day (and getting up at 5 am, it was a llllooooonnnggggg day!) with us:).

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