Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The sound of silence... well, almost.

Silas had a great night last night- went down at 8 pm and woke up a little after 2 am. Of course, my body was ready for him to up way before then but I slept through most of the discomfort. I am oblivious to almost everything once my head hits the pillow... everything except the sounds on the baby monitor. Those for some reason can jolt me out of the deepest slumber. Almost like nails on a chalkboard... is it bad that I am comparing my baby's cry for food or comfort to nails on a chalkboard? Probably. But I still think it. Yesterday he was difficult to please, even when being held, which is rare (yet somehow, I managed to get this cute picture of him smiling... adorable!). He cried for most of my time at Sam's and I could feel people judging me- "Why doesn't that lady do more to comfort her crying infant?" "Why is she ignoring her son's cry?" If only they knew. I bet they wouldn't last half as long as I did. How about you come hang out at my place for a bit and judge me then?!? I pretty much ignored most of their glares and ended up with some comfy bedroom slippers- which were somewhat difficult to try on with the Bjorn strapped on, but I managed and emerged with the reward. At least my feet are toasty. It's rainy and cold here today. Ella and Hanna are home from school today... actually for the next three days. Being a teacher I always enjoyed the time off, but now that I am home for a bit, I wish schools kept kids on more days. Selfish, I know. But Silas and I have gotten into somewhat of a routine, and having them home throws a kink in it. Not to mention over-stimulation for the poor boy. I really just want the best for him. They've actually done well so far and are getting along. Just need to make it past lunch, then it will be "quiet rest" time for all. Somehow, Silas always misses that memo and remains awake. Today will be different. I will discuss the matter with him and convince him that it really is in all of our best interest that he rests along with the others. If need be, I will consider a bribe to make him understand the importance of rest. His body needs it, and as a caring, responsible mother, it is my job to make sure he gets it. Here's hoping to a quiet afternoon!

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