Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Tis the season...

As Ella says, "Chrismis time is hear". Ella and I ventured out to Home Depot to find the first ever, real Nichols Christmas Tree. I am not sure I knew what I was getting into. Dave and I had decided on a tree that was between 6-8' but closer to 8'. Ella and I browsed through the various types and decided on one. They ran it through the net and the man asked if I needed help taking it out to my car. Being the strong woman I think I am, I declined his offer and said I could handle it. Why I said that I am not sure. I couldn't even carry it over to the checkout place on my own, let alone drag it half way across the parking lot to my car! Someone must have witnessed me attempting to put it in the van, and after they recovered from laughing hysterically, they offered to help. In went the tree and we were set to go. Our friends from across the street were there as well, and having trouble fitting the tree into their mini mini-van. So I offered to take their tree home. Between the Home Depot man, our neighbor, and me, we managed to shove another 8' tree into our van... and then realized there was no room for Ella in the back. Priorities, priorities... Ella would have to hitch a ride home with someone else. My car was inundated with the smell of pine. Could be worse. Could be a poopy diaper? Actually, one summer the car reeked of something... after much searching, we located a sippy cup burried under a chair, filled with curdled chocolate milk. Thanks, Hanna. In addition to the smell of pine, it would seem that at least half of the needles loosened and had turned my grey floor carpet into a prickly green turf instead. The car seats were all wedged into the front seat and there was absolutely no visibility out of the side or back. Hmmm, should be interesting.

Made it home and after merely getting the tree into the stand, I am already regretting our decision to get a real tree. We'd been fine with our pre-lit Target clearance tree for years, until last summer, a large rodent took up residence in the box and decided to feast on a delicacy of wires and branches. Not to mention the poop that resulted from it. The tree went out to the dumpster this year. Pine needles are all over the floor. I sweep at least five times before realizing this will be my routine for the next month. Every time someone hangs an ornament, more needles fall. The tree is enormous for our tiny living room. Every time someone walks by, they inevitably brush by the tree, and more needles fall off. Watering it is pain, and the natural asymmetry of the tree bothers my perfectionist side. I was once told that beautiful people, the models, have perfectly symmetrical faces. Since mine is not, I will learn to bond with the tree over our imperfections. 

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