Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Over a month later...

I am tempted to post pictures of my post baby body, for two reasons mainly. 1. So all the people who say, "Wow, you have your pre-baby body back," will know how wrong they are, and 2. Because I want to be like one of those people who chronicle their weight-loss on the internet and actually achieve results that they can be proud to show off to the world. However, both of these reasons are not nearly enough to subject my readers (which at this time, amount to 0,  since I haven't shared the site with anyone... my thought... does anyone care??) to pictures of me sporting my post-baby flab. I have the best of intentions. I really do. I wake up each morning and tell myself,"Today I will eat better, and get some exercise in." Then the day hits and before I know it, the day is over. Where the time goes, I have no idea. It seems like my days are sucked up breastfeeding and changing diapers. And that is when the other two kids aren't around. Then its breastfeeding, changing diapers, and fulfilling the many requests of the kids... how much tape and paper can one child need? But then again, it keeps them quiet and occupied while I breastfeed and change diapers (did I mention that I do that a lot?) so I will start purchasing office supplies at Sam's Club. Silas is now up... you guessed it, time for a new diaper and a feed... welcome to my life!

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